Kwaklei and Khonggunmelei Orchids Pvt. Ltd.

About us

Kwaklei and Khonggunmelei Orchids Pvt. Ltd. is an agri-biotech R&D start-up company established with a vision to revolutionize orchid industry in India by synthesizing high quality hybrid orchids using biotechnology tools and make available to the growers at competitive price. We aim to produce hybrid orchids which will have high commercial potential in terms of cut flower and pot plants. Besides harnessing their horticultural potential, the genetic as well as biochemical properties of these valuable plant resources of India shall also be exploited for scientific understanding and economic growth.

The company becomes accelerated with the award of the Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) of Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC). IKP, Hyderabad is the associated BIG partner. It was granted to work on a project entitled “Clonal propagation of elite genotype of hybrid orchids synthesized in Manipur for commercial cultivation”. A plant tissue culture laboratory is established to micropropagate the hybrid orchids through meristem/inflorescence bud cultures for mass production of clones. Now, the company has elite clones of some of the promising hybrids such as Aeridovanda Shiv Shidhu, Holcanthera MS Swaminathan, Papilaenopsis Crestwood Rose, Phalaenopsis Okram Ibobi, Renantanda Prof. G.J. Sharma, Renantanda Momon Shija, Renantanda Kebisana Shija, Rhynchonopsis Rubens, Vanda Kangla, etc. Besides, a number of secondary hybrids based on the above mentioned primary hybrids have also been developed to ensure new product lines for future.