Kwaklei & Khonggunmelei Orchids Pvt. Ltd.

CIN: U73100MN2013PTC008356
DSIR Recognition No. TU/IV-RD/4044/2016
Aadhar Udyog No. MN05E0000069
R&D -- Tissue Culture Room --
Research and Development Activities

The major R&D activity being carried out is breeding of orchids using potential parents available in India. are important orchid species having rich horticultural potentials to perform as elite parents for breeding trials and they have been incorporated in production of a number of hybrids. Hybrid orchids produced using some of these parents includes - Shiv Sidhu, Sathish Kumar, TN Khoshoo, N. Biren, Crestwood Rose, Okram Ibobi, Prof. G.J. Sharma, Kebisana Shija, Najma Heptulla, Pikolo, Ruben, Kangla, Highlander, etc. These primary hybrids are further used for genetic improvement through hybridization.

In vitro propagation protocols including asymbiotic seed germination as well as micropropagation using meristem and axillary buds are being developed so as to be made available for transfer to commercial orchid tissue culture laboratory.

Kwaklei and Khonggunmelei Orchids Pvt. Ltd. is also micropropagating other horticultural crops including, Gingers, Dragon fruits, etc.